A Nevada county car accident kills a five-year-old girl - Nevada County, CA


According to the California Highway Patrol, a 5-year-old girl was killed in a fatal car crash around 9 a.m. on Tuesday, October 11th, 2022 on Tyler Foote Road in the North San Juan community.

According to ABC10 news, CHP got to the scene and discovered a 1993 Toyota pickup truck on its side on the south side of the road. The driver got out of the vehicle, but his 5-year-old female passenger was stuck inside and badly injured.

She was immediately set free and airlifted to UC Davis Children’s Hospital in Sacramento, where she died at 2 p.m. According to CHP, the driver drifted to the side of the road and went down on an embankment. The right side of the pickup truck hit a pine tree and somersaulted. The driver was not suspected to be intoxicated with either drugs or alcohol.