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Dogs are known to be the most faithful animal that can get friendly to humans. But there are no lesser instances where these canines have tried to harm humans by offering a deadly bite. According to records, the United States notices a dog bite case every minute. When bit by a dog, you will have to get proper medical treatment so that you do not develop any kind of infection. Also, sometimes, the dog bite is so extreme that you may have to spend on expensive treatments and this is where you may require the support of a dog bite injury lawyer to claim compensation.

Fresno has also noticed many dog bite cases over time and the need for Fresno Dog Bite Injury Lawyers is high in this location. Dog bite accidents that have happened because of the negligence of the pet owner can be presented in front of a professional dog bite injury lawyer in Fresno to get the right solutions according to the situation.

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Common Injuries Caused by Dog Bite in Fresno

Dog bite injuries vary from person to person based on the breed of dog that has attacked the victim and the scenario in which the dog has attacked the victim. As everyone’s case is different, getting help from an expert Fresno Dog Bite Injury Lawyer is extremely essential to get the right customized solution.

Moreover, here are some of the common injuries that a victim can get because of a dog bite in Fresno.

  • Damage to tendons, skin, and muscles
  • Damage to the bones
  • Injuries on the face
  • Injuries on the neck and head
  • Mobility-related problems
  • Damage to the nerves
  • Deep-rooted wounds
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Infections such as rabies

When you meet with the right Fresno Dog Bite Injury Lawyer, the professional will guide you through your rights and the compensation amount that you can claim based on the type of injury that you have suffered and any other losses that you have been through.

Dog Bite Injury Law in Fresno

The law of Fresno states that in case of a dog bite injury, the dog’s owner is solely responsible for what has happened, irrespective of the place where the incident has taken place.

It may happen that the dog owner was not aware of the sudden aggressive mood of their pet that led to such an accident. But in such a case also, the dog owner will be held responsible for the accident that has happened. When a dog owner invites a guest to their home, the owner is responsible for the safety of the guest in all regards. Hence, even if the dog bites the guest, it is the responsibility of the dog owner to take care of the damages and injuries. The guest can file a lawsuit against the dog owner and a Fresno Dog Bite Injury Lawyer can help in getting compensation.

Now what happens when the dog owner is a tenant in someone else’s house? In such a case also the owner of the house will be equally responsible because the house owner has offered accommodation to the dog owner. It also depends upon the agreements that the house owner may have made with the tenant about the pet. You should talk to your Fresno Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in such a case. The dog bite injury lawyer to check through the agreement, and the possible options, and then will help you in getting compensation from the right person.

It has been noticed that about 80% of the time, it is a neighbour, friend, or a relative’s dog that may have bitten you. In such a case, you may feel hesitant in claiming compensation for the injuries that you are facing. In such a case, you will require an expert Fresno Dog Bite Injury Lawyer who will nullify your presence in the proceedings and will take the right steps to get compensation.

Fresno Dog Bite Injury Insurance

If you are seriously injured by a dog bite, it can lead to expensive treatment options. You may have to get admitted to the hospital where you may have to spend huge money to get your dog bite injury treated. While some people may pay this amount from their pocket, especially when the dog is of a relative or a close friend. But if you are not someone who can support such an expensive treatment, it becomes essential to ask for compensation for which it is always better to get help from a Fresno Dog Bite Injury Lawyer.

Usually, most dog owners have insurance to protect them from such accidents and claims. The laws of Fresno are strict against such accidents so that the dog owners can understand their responsibility towards training their dogs properly and offering proper security to guests. Thus, if such an accident happens, it is the responsibility of the dog owner to pay compensation to the victim for the damages and losses that have happened. This can get complicated at times and so, it is always better to get in touch with a proper Fresno Dog Bite Injury Lawyer to deal with such a case.

A Fresno Dog Bite Injury Lawyer will have a direct conversation with the insurance company of the dog owner for compensation towards the victim. It is not always easy to deal with the insurance agents as they will try to pass the ball in the victim’s court. But a Fresno Dog Bite Injury Lawyer knows the tactics to challenge all the tricks and tantrums of the insurance company so that the victim can get the right compensation.

Fresno Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Suffering a dog bite injury does not just cause physical suffering but also mental trauma as well as loss of income at times. A victim suffering from such losses may have to go through the extreme financial burdens and getting compensation can actually help a lot. In such a case, a Fresno Dog Bite Injury Lawyer offers a helping hand to the victim in understanding the rights and getting the right compensation.

If you or someone you know is dealing with such a situation, you can get in touch with us and we will offer you the service of the best dog bite injury lawyer in Fresno. Our team of dog bite injury lawyers will offer you a free consultation and the required help for the case.



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