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Received Injuries Because Of A Defective Product?

Get In Touch With a Folsom Defective Products Attorney At McCrary Accident Injury Law Firm!

We use commercially made products every day. While accidents can happen, injuries from defective products are sometimes unavoidable. For instance, say you use a glass that shatters because you poured hot wax in it to make candles. In that case, you misused it. ​

However, consider this scenario: You are sleeping in your bed, and when you roll over, one of the legs breaks. You fall and injure yourself. If the bed frame was missing a design component that could have prevented that accident, you have cause for a claim. The broken glass was your fault because you weren't using it for what it was designed for. The accident on the bed could have been avoided if the product was made correctly. ​

The last thing you expect from a product you buy is injuries. As a consumer, you have the right to hold the manufacturer or seller of a product liable for a defective or dangerous product. At McCrary Accident Injury Law Firm, our Folsom defective products attorney has the experience and skill to represent you and get the maximum compensation possible.

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What Is Involved In a Defective Products Liability Case

There are three main types of product liability cases:

Failure to Warn

Risky products are labeled with usage instructions. These should include hazard warnings that pertain to improper use. If you are injured due to a lack of said warning, you can make a compensation claim.

Manufacturing Defects

Defective products don't have to be damaged to cause harm. Shoddy manufacturing due to inadequate factory procedures can also cause injuries. If you believe a manufacturing error resulted in a defective product that hurt you, you have a case.

Defective Design

Badly-designed products can cause injuries even if they are used for their intended purpose correctly. As per California law, it is the manufacturer's responsibility to ensure it is safe for said use. If not, they are liable for any injuries the product causes due to its defective design.

Common Types of Product Defects You Can Get Compensation For

At McCrary Accident Injury Law Firm, we are expert Folsom defective products attorney and we offer aggressive representation for clients who are injured or suffer because of the following product defect injuries.

Vehicle-Based Injuries

Defective cars, motorcycles, ATVs, and other vehicles can cause devastating injuries. Severe burns, broken bones, and traumatic brain injuries are just some examples. For instance, a single faulty airbag can cause sous neck injuries. Get in touch with our Folsom defective products attorney and learn more about this. ​​

Consumer Product Injuries

Our expert Folsom defective products attorney deals with the Injuries from defective toys, electronic devices, curtains, appliances, and other products can cause serious injuries even if used for their intended purpose. An exploding toaster or a faulty oven, for instance, can cause third-degree burns. ​​​

Scaffolding Injuries

Our expert Folsom defective products attorney deals with scaffolding that has manufacturing defects can cause fatal injuries. A single missing metallic component can cause the entire structure to collapse. Whether they wear PPE or not, construction workers on the scaffolding can suffer from traumatic brain injuries, back injuries, or worse. ​​​​

Medical Device or Drug-Related Injuries

A defective medical device such as a pacemaker can have tragic consequences. Similarly, a medication that produces side effects the literature does not mention can lead to severe health conditions and even prove fatal. If you or someone you know suffered from either of these, you can make a claim. For more information get in touch with our Folsom defective products attorney. ​​​​​

Manufacturing Equipment Injuries

Saws, meat cutters, power presses, laser cutters, and other manufacturing equipment should be handled carefully. However, a manufacturing defect can crush bone, amputate limbs and cause other severe injuries whether the victim is wearing protective gear or not. Who Can Make A Defective Products Claim?​​​​​

Who Can Make A Defective Product Claim?

Anyone, and we mean anyone, can make a defective products claim after they suffer injuries from a defective product.​

Whether you bought the defective item or recieved it, you can sue for damages from the manufacturer. You don't even have to be the person who got injured. You can still file a claim on their behalf with help from our defective product liability attorney in Folsom.​​​​​​

  • The product was defective when it left the control of the defendant.
  • The defendant distributed, designs, made, and sold the product.
  • The plaintiff (you) used said product as per its intended purpose.
  • The plaintiff (you) got injured due to the product defect(s).

Damages You Can Recover From Product Liability Cases

Defective products can not only injure users but also bystanders, so your family is in danger as well. Serious injuries can lead to expensive medical treatments, lost income, pain, suffering, and a lengthy disability.​

People who suffer serious injuries can spend their entire life enduring these. A Folsom defective products attorney from McClary Law Firm, can help you get compensation for the following:​​​​​​​

Economic Damages

Economic health is determined by the victim's out-of-pocket expenses such as medical treatment, lost wages, surgeries, physical therapy, medication, etc. It can also include costs to replace items damaged from the defective product. Get in touch with our Folsom defective products attorney at McCrary Accident Injury Law Firm today! ​​​​​

General Damages

Injuries can result in severe pain that can last for years, if not forever. The psychological toll it can take comes under general damages. The settlement assigns a value to the pain and disabilities, changes in relationships, among others.

Punitive Damages

Defendants such as angry product manufacturers who you are suing may try to get revenge by harassing you to take back your claim or by trying to hide evidence. In such cases, a judge can award the plaintiff punitive damages along with the damages mentioned above. For more information, get in touch with our Folsom defective products attorney at McCrary Accident Injury Law Firm

Why Choose McCrary Accident Injury Law Firm

Defective product liability cases can be complicated. Each requires attention to detail, focus, and diligence that you may not be able to provide. A professional defective product liability attorney in Folsom from McCrary Accident Injury Law Firm possesses all three characteristics. ​

Our investigators can retrieve products for expert testing to determine how a product injured a client during trial. This includes collecting testimonies from witnesses before they forget what they saw and heard during the incident. Fire reports, police accident reports, and other formal record-keeping documentation are also used to strengthen a case. ​


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