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Folsom Premises Liability Attorney

Were You Injured on Someone’s Property?

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As per California law, property owners, leasers, controllers, and occupants have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of all invited individuals. Businesses that rent commercial space are not exempt.

Such injuries can take place in a wide variety of scenarios. A slippery grocery store floor as it dries, a cracked sidewalk, and even stairs that are not up to code. All of these incidents can lead to a broken bone, back, neck, or a head injury that can:

  • Lead to massive medical bills.
  • Lead to loss of employment or wages as you heal.
  • Cause pain and suffering.

If you do find yourself in such a situation, you need a professional Folsom premises liability attorney by your side. We offer aggressive and quality representation to ensure that our clients get the compensation they deserve.

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What Type of Premise Liability Cases We Work On

At McCrary Accident Injury Law Firm, we have an experienced team of Folsom premises liability attorney.We will determine the effects the accident has on your life. It will allow us to place a value on the entire amount that covers all you have suffered. Premise liability accidents are not your fault. The property owner is responsible for ensuring that anyone who enters or walks on their property can do so without the risk of being injured.

The injuries you sustain can range from mild scrapes to fractures. At our premises liability law firm Folsom we represent people in cases involving property owner negligence, such as the following:

Slip and Fall Accidents

Spills that weren’t blocked off or wiped, walkway debris, tripping hazards, etc. can lead to falls. These are common in public places such as grocery stores, restaurants, and sidewalks. However, such accidents are common on private property and make owners liable for damages.

Broken or Uneven Stairs

Loose or missing railings, uneven steps, unmarked edges, and other structural issues can lead to accidents. These can also result from spills on stairs that aren’t cordoned off as they dry.

Dog Bites

Under California’s strict liability law, dog owners are liable for the actions their pet takes, whether they are negligent or not. A dog bite can lead to severe infections, rabies and cause pain and suffering..

Negligent Property Upkeep

Lack of proper or regular maintenance can lead to hazardous conditions on a property. This includes broken stairs, holes in the flooring, landscaping issues, low hanging branched, etc.

Insufficient Security Measures

Common in poorly managed hospitals, apartment buildings, and parking garages, negligent security can increase the numbers of robberies, rape, and assault. This includes a lack of security cameras, guards, lockable windows, and gated entries.


Fire codes are maintained to prevent deadly conflagrations. When fireproofing, sprinkler systems and fire alarms are absent or don’t work, you can suffer severe burns or worse. Fires caused by improper storage of flammable materials can also cause serious injuries.

Swimming pool accidents

Both public and private swimming pools turn hazardous with negligence. As per California law, swimming pools need to be secured with self-closing gates, fences, and anti-entrapment devices to prevent accidents. However, older swimming pools may produce malfunctioning or no measures to ensure this.

Playground and Trampoline Accidents

Children get into scrapes daily. Nevertheless, many are avoidable with proper care. A faulty trampoline or broken playground swings can cause traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damages, and even paralysis.

Elevator Accidents

Elevators that are not maintained or fixed regularly can lead to severe accidents from freefalling to getting stuck between floors. Property owners who fail in this duty or fail to warn residents about the dangers are liable for accidents and injuries.

Amusement Park Accidents

Accidents on amusement park rides are catastrophic more often than not. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure each ride is maintained to prevent such incidents.

How the Property Owner Should Warn People about Hazards on the Premises

If a property owner cannot fix a hazardous situation on his/her property, they have to put up a notice warning others. That way, people can avoid certain areas or take all the necessary precautions to prevent accidents.

The type of notice depends on the kind of danger that the hazard represents. It should give people fair warning of the location and the risk of not adhering to it. The notice also has to be visible or obvious enough to be noticeable. It should make people aware of the danger before they are close enough to be caught in it and harmed.

How We Can Help

Premise liability cases turn obsolete with a lack of evidence. Our Folsom premises liability attorney can help you gather necessary proof that finds the property owner liable for your injuries and damages. This includes:

  • Property maintenance records,
  • Eyewitness testimonies.
  • CCTV camera footage of the accident.
  • Records of similar accidents on the property.
  • Photographs of the injuries sustained due to the accident.
  • Building codes.

After proving negligence, we establish that our client was harmed or suffered an injury and that the owner's negligence was a significant factor in causing said harm.

Delays can lead to evidence tampering. Property owners can erase camera footage or fix the issue that caused the accident before making a claim. In such cases, proving liability can be a long and tedious process, if not impossible.

Our Folsom premise liability attorney are dedicated to ensuring that you get the maximum compensation possible. By getting in touch with us, you can even determine how you can recover damages from non-economic damages such as mental anguish and loss of enjoyment from life.

If the insurance company refuses to pay, we step in. Our Folsom premises liability attorney will negotiate on your behalf so you can focus on recovery as additional stress will slow down the healing process. So if you are searching for dedicated Folsom premises liability attorney get in touch with us today

Premise liability cases can also involve your car. As a courtesy for our clients, we also repair and replace cars free of charge. We can also set you up with a rental car as yours undergoes repairs.

We Don’t Charge an Upfront Fee for Consultations

An accident can be painful and devastating. At McCrary Accident Injury Law Firm, we handle premise liability and personal injury cases on a contingency basis. In other words, you don’t pay anything till we settle your case and work to get you the maximum compensation possible.

Can't make it to our office in person because of your injuries? We can come to you. Our bilingual Folsom premises liability attorney speak Spanish and English fluently. They can build a case after listening to your account of the accident.

We can help. Get the money you deserve and overcome common insurance tactics that can keep it from you.

  • A minimum of $15,000 for injury caused or the death of one individual
  • A minimum of $30,000 for damage caused or the death of more than one individual
  • $5,000 for damage to property

All drivers must also offer proof of insurance if they get into an accident. Failing to do so can lead to loss of driving privileges and issuance of fines.

Car accident victims can also exercise their rights to recover the damages suffered due to another individual’s negligence. They can seek compensation for:


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