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A dog bite is not just a simple bite on your flesh. If the dog has gone really aggressive, the bite can also have an impact on the nerves. Of course, the traumatic injury is always there that the person suffering from such an incident has to go through. Thus, getting help from the experts such as the Folsom dog bite injury lawyer is always a great thing to do.

As per records, there are hundreds of dog bite cases every year, that includes children as well as adults. While many dog attacks are a result of provocation, there have been also cases where the dog might have attacked for no reason or due to their mental health conditions.

In such a case, most commonly the dog owners are held responsible but claiming for the injuries can get really daunting, especially when you are already suffering. Hence, one of the best ways is to get in touch with the Folsom dog bite injury lawyer to make the process simpler.

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Common Injuries due to Dog Bite

There can be several types of injuries caused by a dog bite based on which the Folsom dog bite injury lawyer can help you in the process. These can be:

  • Bite punctures and torn muscles
  • Damage to tendon, ligament, or even the nerve
  • Scar or disfigurement
  • Broken bones
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Bite wound leading to infection
  • Psychological Trauma

Next Steps after a Dog Bite

Quite obvious, the very first step that you need to do is to rush to a doctor to get started with your treatment before any infection starts from the wound. But at the same time, it is also essential to take a picture of the bite and identify the dog that has bitten you.

You should send the image of the wound and the attacker dog to the animal control agency of the state. This will help also the agency to warn other people. Also, send these details to the Folsom dog bite injury lawyer to seek help from them in the right legal way.


What can be Recovered through a Dog Bite Claim?

Once you have got in touch with the Folsom dog bite injury lawyer, you will be able to claim a number of things for recovery.

  • Medical bills present and future related to the dog bite injury
  • Loss of wage, incurred due to the injury
  • Pain and trauma that you had to go through

The medical expenses for a dog bite depend upon the injury that you have incurred. It can be plastic surgery to treat your scar or even rehabilitation in case of mental trauma. Such treatment procedures can get extremely expensive and hence it becomes essential to claim them with the help of a good Folsom dog bite injury lawyer.

The Liability of the Dog Owner

It becomes essential to identify the dog who has bitten you because you can only take action if the dog has an owner. You cannot do anything in the case of a stray dog.

According to the law, a dog owner is 100% liable when the dog bites or injures someone. It does not matter if the dog does not have any previous record of such bites. If the sufferer proves that he or she has been bitten by the dog, the dog owner has to be completely liable for the injuries made.

In such a case, a proper Folsom dog bite injury lawyer can only help you in actually claiming the damages done. The Folsom dog bite injury lawyer will help in proving a number of facts to settle down the claim with ease and these are:

  • The attacking dog is owned by the defendant
  • The exact location where the attack took place
  • The dog bit you during the attack
  • The injuries took place due to the dog attack

Once these points are proven by the Folsom dog bite injury lawyer, the dog owner is held responsible for the attack and has to pay for the damages done.

Dog Owner Insurance

There are many times when the dog owner actually has insurance for such incidents. In such a case, the Folsom dog bite injury lawyer directly gets in touch with the insurance company and tries to recover the settlement. The lawyer negotiates for the settlement on behalf of the sufferer and tries to close the case.

But in case the insurance company denies to settle the claimed amount, this is the time when the Folsom dog bite injury lawyer can actually file a petition against the dog owner in the office of law. Now the magistrate decides upon the case and offers the final verdict that can take some time

But again there are a number of times when the settlement is done much before the verdict because the Folsom dog bite injury lawyer convinces the defendant to settle the case out of court.

How Folsom Dog Bite Injury Lawyer is Helpful?

There are a number of reasons why getting in touch with a Folsom dog bite injury lawyer can be really helpful for you.

Proper Investigation

The Folsom dog bite injury lawyer makes sure to conduct a proper investigation and gets proper evidence in the form of photographs and others that makes your case strong enough against the defendant.

Calculation of Claim

Also, it is the work of the Folsom dog bite injury lawyer to get a proper calculation of the medical expenses incurred, and loss of wages, along with future expenses so that the right amount can be claimed for settlement.

Peace of Mind

When you are already injured due to a dog attack, you will not have enough patience to do all the work needed for filing a case. Hence, when you get in touch with the Folsom dog bite injury lawyer, the professional does all the work and you can completely focus on your treatment procedure.

Folsom Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Has a dog bite caused you serious damages that are draining out your finances in treatment? You should definite56ly do not ignore this and get in touch with our Folsom dog bite injury lawyer for the purpose. Contact us for a free consultation and get our help in recovering your damages with the right claims.


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