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Motorcycles are the most common mode of transport in Fresno and many other nearby locations. One of the riskiest things about riding a motorcycle is that the rider’s body to exposed, unlike a car. Hence, the chances of having fatal damages are quite common in the case of a motorcycle accident.

When the risk is high, it is essential that you stay prepared to deal with the consequences in advance. An experienced Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer is someone who can help you in dealing with such accident cases and will help you in getting compensated for the losses that have occurred. At McCrary, we offer legal help for motorcycle accidents in Frenso.

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What should you do after a Fresno Motorcycle Accident?

Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

It is quite obvious that you should contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Fresno for your compensation after an accident. But there are some other things to do just immediately after the accident that will help you as well as the Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to deal with the case in a better way.

Call 911

Calling 911 authorities should be on top of your list. The authorities will arrive to check the accident spot and identify the culprit of the accident. Calling 911 authorities at the right time can smoothen up the process and can even offer initial help in the investigation to the Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.

Call up the Ambulance

It may happen that you are hurt because of the accident. So, the next essential thing to do is to call up the ambulance. When the ambulance arrives, tell them your pain points and let them also check through to offer you first aid. When you contact a Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, the expert may even contact the ambulance professionals to get details about your injuries to calculate compensation.

Collect Pictures as Evidence

When you have your smartphone in your hand, click as many pictures as possible of the accident spot. If possible, get a picture of the other vehicle that caused the accident. You can also get pictures of the number plate and the driver of the vehicle that has hit you. This again offers a great help to the Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for their investigation.

Talk to Witnesses

There must be some people who must have witnessed the accident on the road. Try to talk and collect such witnesses and this will be quite helpful for the Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.

Do not throw anything from the accident spot

Do not throw anything from the accident spot even if it is blood-smashed cloth or so. You never know which item you can use as evidence for the accident. Also, according to an experienced Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, at times these items may act against you if thrown away.

When you get in touch with a Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, let the expert to know in detail about everything in order to extend the right help so that the expert can in return offer you the best help to get compensation for motorcycle accident injuries in Fresno.

Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents In Frenso

If you get extremely hurt in the Motorcycle Accident, there are some common injuries that you can come across. While some injuries are mild, these are some major injuries for which you will need the help of a Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to get compensated.

Brain Injury

If you were not wearing a helmet, then you may face a deadly accident because bikers get hurt mostly on their heads. Even if you may have any signs on your skin, an impact on your head can cause brain injury. Treatment of brain injuries is expensive and you require a help of a Fresno Motorcycle Accident to calculate and get proper compensation for your medical expenses.

Chest Injury

One of the disadvantages of a motorcycle is that the body is exposed to situations such as accidents. One of the fatal injuries that you can suffer from is chest injuries in a motorcycle accident.

Internal Damage

It may happen at times that there are no such wounds on your body from the accident but you are feeling pain. This happens when you suffer from internal damage. Intense collisions may cause damage to external as well as internal organs of the body. The Fresno Motorcycle Accident Lawyer will investigate the damages to your internal organs and will estimate compensation to help you get treatment.

Bone Fractures

Bone fractures are a common injury that anyone can suffer not just in the case of a motorcycle accident but also in any other accident on the road.

Deep Cuts and Burns

Even if you did not face any of the above-mentioned injuries, you may get deep cuts and burns here and there on the body because of the motorcycle accident.

Compensation after Motorcycle Accident in Fresno

Motorcycle accidents can get extremely traumatic. Hence, when you file a lawsuit, you get liable for a number of compensation options.

  • Medical expenses include hospital bills, medications, and other related expenses.
  • You are liable for a big compensation if you have got a physical disability as a result of the accident. This will include lifetime medical expenses, and other expenses to make your life a bit disability-friendly. 
  • If a motorist dies in an accident, then the family will get compensation for all the medical expenses that took place and also funeral expenses. Also, if the deceased person was the sole earner of the family, lifetime support is offered to the family.
  • Some accidents can trigger some emotional points such as depression or any kind of emotional trauma. Such sufferings are also supposed to get compensated. 
  • Any loss of wages or employment is also something that gets compensated.
  • The motorcycle of the motorist may have got damaged badly too in the accident. In such a condition, the motorist is also liable to get a new motorcycle or an amount to buy a new one.

Some damages such as physical injuries or property damages are visible and can be claimed with proper documents. But it is hard to claim compensation for options such as mental trauma, loss of wages, or anything similar. In such a case, trying to claim compensation alone can make you fall back. Hence, one of the best ways is to get the help of a proper lawyer who claim compensation for motorcycle accident in Fresno and convince the insurance companies to pay you the compensation amount.

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