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If you are a resident of El Dorado Hills, then you must be aware of the number of pedestrian accidents that takes place in this location. Not just El Dorado Hills, but the entire California is known for a high number of road accidents today among which 50% are pedestrian accident cases. It is because of such accident cases that people here belief to keep the contact details of El Dorado Hills Pedestrian Accident Lawyer to deal with such situations.

If you compare pedestrian accident to usual accidents, you will find that pedestrian accidents are much severe in nature. This is because it does not matter whether the speed of the vehicle colliding a human is high or slow. The only difference is that when the collision is high on impact, the results can be also death of the pedestrian but when the collision is not that high, it leads to injuries that can be treated. But the treatment of these injuries can cost high at times. Thus, it becomes necessary for the victim to get help from professional options such as an El Dorado Hills Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in order to get insurance compensation claim for the losses and damages.

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Why does Pedestrian Accidents take place?

If the vehicle has got some technical issues such as brake fail, this can no doubt leads to collision and a serious kind of accident. Of course, such situations happen mainly because the driver did not take proper care of the car’s maintenance. But still you never know how a machine will react when and so such cases are sometimes not in human control. But there are also other reasons for such pedestrian accidents.

Most El Dorado Hills Pedestrain Accident Lawyer experts mention that fact that most pedestrian accidents take place due to the negligence of the vehicle drivers. Based on negligence, there are several reasons causing pedestrian accidents.

Distracted Driver

As people today are highly involved in their smartphone gadgets, the habit remains even when they are driving a vehicle. Thus, most pedestrian accidents happen if the driver of the vehicle is busy over the phone in either texting or talking to someone over the phone while driving the vehicle. Using the phone is not permitted while driving according to the California Law. Hence, if the pedestrian accident has taken place due to such negligence, then you can always file a case against the culprit and an El Dorado Hills Pedestrian Accident Lawyer is always there to help you out in this.

Driver on Substance

As using the smartphone while driving is not permitted, similarly drinking and driving is also not permitted in El Dorado Hills. But still there are many drivers who are found driving under the influence of substances such as alcohol or even drugs. Such drivers also cause pedestrian accidents and once again you can file a case against such drivers. This is a strict case and so, an El Dorado Hills Pedestrian Accident Lawyer will extend the maximum help to you for compensation.

Not Following Traffic Rules

Another important reason that is worth noticing is that many drivers do not follow or avoid traffic rules and this again causes collision with other vehicles as well as pedestrains. Often drivers do not notice red signal light and drive through their vehicles causing major accidents with the pedestrians. Similarly, when the drivers do not slow down near the crosswalks, this again leads to accidents. Not following traffic rules is a major crime and this has to be reported to the authorities at the earliest. Get in touch with a proper pedestrian accident lawyer in El Dorado Hills who will manage proper documents and will report the accident in an organized way.

Also, there are times when such accidents can also happen due to the negligence of the pedestrians too. For example, if the pedestrian is not following traffic rules. If the mistake is your, being a pedestrian, then it can be tough thing to get compensation for your injuries. Thus, it is essential that you follow the rules properly so that you can win your case when you get in touch with an El Dorado Hills Pedestrian Accident Lawyer.


Responsibilities at the Crosswalk

While the crosswalks are created for the convenience of the pedestrians, it is the responsibility of the vehicle drivers to follow a number of rules and regulations in this regard. It is the duty of the vehicle drivers to make sure to stop their vehicle if someone is trying to walk through the crosswalk to cross the road. Similarly, slowing down the vehicle is also equally important to make sure that no harm is done to the pedestrians walking on the crosswalk.

If the vehicle driver does not maintain this responsibility, and a collision takes place, then the pedestrian has got all the rights to file a case against the vehicle that has caused the accident. It can get quite difficult at times to prove this point and this is the time when you require the help of a professional pedestrian accident lawyer.

A pedestrian accident lawyer in El Dorado Hills will help you in understanding your rights after such an accident takes place and also will help you in claiming your compensation for the damages and losses made because of the accident.

El Dorado Hills Pedestrain Accident Lawyer

A person walking on the road can hurt a lot in a pedestrian accident caused by the vehicles. You should not let this incident go away like this and should take necessary actions against the culprit. One such important action that you should take is to contact a proper pedestrian accident lawyer to help you in the case.

If you are looking for the best pedestrian accident lawyer in El Dorado Hills, you can always trust us for one. We offer you with the best options in El Dorado Hills pedestrian accident lawyer in terms of expertise as well as experience. We assure that with our best experts, you will get the best results and can experience peace of mind.


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