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It is a wrong idea that pedestrians are safe on the road only because they are not riding a vehicle in the middle of the road. Pedestrians are comparatively at the same risk of road accidents as vehicle drivers. Carmichael in California is one such location that faces a high amount of pedestrian accidents. It is due to a high number of pedestrian accidents happening, there is also a high demand for Carmichael Pedestrian Accident Lawyer.

According to the statistics stated by the Department of Motor Vehicles in California, about 22 percent of pedestrian accidents in California take place because of car accidents. Apart from car accidents, there are also many other accidents responsible for pedestrian accidents such as because of big vehicles or even because of two-wheelers. In any of the cases, it is essential to get help from a proper Carmichael Pedestrian Accident Lawyer so that you can get relief from the burden of expenses and damages.

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Reasons for Pedestrian Accidents

There can be several reasons that lead to pedestrian accidents. When you contact a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Carmichael, the professional lists some of the common reasons for it.

Rash Driving

Rash driving is one of the most common reasons that has caused several pedestrian accidents over the last few years. Drivers especially youngsters and teenagers exceed their permitted speed limit and ultimately lose control and collide with another vehicle or even with pedestrians at times. When such as high-speed vehicle collides with a pedestrian, it causes extreme injuries and damages. Rash driving is an offense and accidents caused by it should be surely reported. In such a case, it is always ideal thought to get help from a pedestrian accident lawyer in Carmichael.

Not Following Signal

This is not just for the vehicle drivers but also for the pedestrians. Signal lights indicate when it is the right time for vehicles to move on the road and when it is for pedestrians to cross roads. If any of the parties from pedestrians and vehicle drivers fail to follow the traffic rules, major accidents happen again caused by collision. If the accident has taken place because you were not following the signal, then the fault is yours. But if the fault is not yours, then you can always get in touch with a professional Carmichael pedestrian accident lawyer to file a case against the guilty vehicle driver.

Vehicle not in control

There are also many times when the driver has lost control of the vehicle in situations when brakes have failed. In such conditions again collision may take place with any other vehicle or with a pedestrian. It is quite hard to blame the right person in such a case but you will have to claim compensation from the insurance company for the vehicle that has hit you. This can get quite complicated at times and so it is always better to contact a proper Carmichael pedestrian accident lawyer in such a case to handle the case and to get compensation amount conveniently.

Negligence of Vehicle Drivers

It has been observed that most pedestrian accidents take place due to the negligence of vehicle drivers in Carmichael. This means that the drivers do not remain alert about the pedestrians and this leads to crashes and accidents. A Carmichael Pedestrian Accident Lawyer takes such cases very seriously.

One such example is of crossing the crosswalk. The crosswalks are made for the safe walking of pedestrians but this again becomes a nightmare for people when a vehicle driver shows signs of negligence while driving. The duty of any vehicle driver is to be careful while driving over the crosswalk. Most times, it is required that the vehicle driver should slow down speed even nearby the intersection areas so that the pedestrians do not find it difficult in crossing the road in the case of an emergency and when the signal is red yet.

If you are walking as a pedestrian through the crosswalk and a vehicle comes at high speed, crashing through you, this accident can cause a lot of personal injuries to you. You may have to get admitted to a hospital also and may have to spend a good amount of money on your treatment. In this situation, the best way is to catch hold of a pedestrian accident lawyer in Carmichael and claim recovery for your damages.


Injuries Causes in Pedestrian Accidents

It has been found that when a vehicle of about 5000 pounds or more collides with a pedestrian, it causes a high amount of damage to the pedestrian. There are several ways in which the pedestrian can get injured in such kind of an accident.

Bone Fracture

You will have to get a witness that the accident was not your fault in order to put the blame on the other person. You might have got some evidence such as a photo of the number plate of the vehicle or so on. But a Carmichael Pedestrian Accident Lawyer will conduct a proper investigation based on the witnesses that you have brought so that proper witnesses can be gained that will help you in the case.

Brain Injury

If you have got hurt in the head, then it is quite obvious that you can suffer from brain injuries. Even if you have not gotten injured, it may cause brain trauma.

Nerve Damage

Apart from bone fracture, nerve damage is another major injury that one can have in the case of a pedestrian accident.


In case of a major accident, the pedestrian can also suffer from paralysis. This can lead to long-term treatment and so, you should definitely contact a Carmichael pedestrian accident lawyer and talk about your rights to compensation.

Organ Damage

In some cases, there can be damage to organs also such as the eyes that can lead to a lifetime handicapped situation. This is yet another time when you should surely get help from the Carmichael pedestrian accident lawyer to get compensation for treatment as well as other losses that you have faced.

Facial Damage

Dismantling of the face is another injury that one can get in such kind of an accident.

Carmichael Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian accidents can get extremely traumatic and it becomes important to get professional help in such a case. It is the time when you need to contact a professional pedestrian accident lawyer in Carmichael who will help you the best.

Our team offers the best Carmichael pedestrian accident lawyer experts who will help you in understanding your situation better financially and also will help you in recovering compensation for the losses.


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