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Rancho Cordova Wrongful Death Lawyer

There is nothing more painful than losing someone who was your support in life and whom you loved and trusted the most. Also, what is even more painful, is that the death has happened due to the ignorance of someone else. A wrongful death can happen anywhere and due to any reason such as a car accident, slip and fall at a mall due to wet unattended floor, and so on.

In such a case, it is needed to contact an experienced wrongful death lawyer in Rancho Cordova in place of suffering the situation all alone. The wrongful death lawyer will help in gaining justice against such a wrongful death and will also help the family member to claim compensation for the suffering that they are going through.

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Who is responsible for wrongful death?

Anyone who has shown negligence in the care of others because of which an individual has died can be held responsible for wrongful death. It is not necessary that it has to be a person only. someone responsible for wrongful death can be anyone from an individual to an entity. It is in the civil court that judges decide whether the body is actually responsible for the wrongful death or not based on the evidence that the deceased’s wrongful death lawyer presents. Here are some of the common examples of who can be held responsible when a wrongful death happens.

  • An individual
  • Public or private companies
  • Public or private agencies
  • A city, state, or a country
  • Owner of premises such as malls, shops, hospitals, or similar other

There are so many times when you are aware of who is responsible for the death of someone dear to you but it is extremely difficult to prove your point. This is the time when you need to get in touch with a wrongful death lawyer in Rancho Cordova. The wrongful death lawyer will investigate the whole case to find out the right evidence that can be presented either to the insurance company to get direct compensation or even to the civil court to get justice for the deceased.

Also, there are many times, when there is more than one particular party that is responsible for the death that has happened. In such a case, it is just the Rancho Cordova wrongful death lawyer that can help you in getting the right justice and compensation.

Difference between a Wrongful Death and a California Survival Action

Often a lot of people get confused between a wrongful death case and a survival action in California. Though both of them may seem almost the same, there is a major difference between both of them.

A survival action is a case that is filed on the deceased’s behalf. But this is something that the deceased may have filed for if the person survived the death. A survival action cannot be filed by any family member or so on behalf of the dead person. It is only the deceased executor who can claim in such a survival action scenario. Even the compensation amount in the case of survival action will be much different from that of a wrongful death case. Here are some of the survival action compensation that one can claim:

  • Medical and hospital bills that were there before death
  • Pain and suffering that the deceased person may have faced after getting injured but before the death
  • Loss of wages of the deceased after getting injured but before the death

The compensation amount will be based on the number of days the person survived all these sufferings.

There are many times when a survival action and a wrongful death case can be filed together. You will have to talk to a good and professional wrongful death lawyer in Rancho Cordova to understand the conditions and also to claim compensation in both cases.

How can a Rancho Cordova Wrongful Death Lawyer Help?

Whether you are confused or not, it is always better to contact a Rancho Cordova Wrongful Death lawyer to claim compensation and file a case against the person responsible for the death. The wrongful death lawyer is going to help you in a number of ways.

Understanding the Rights:

It is the wrongful death lawyer in Rancho Cordova who will help the family in understanding the rights that the members can have after a wrongful death of their spouse, sibling, parent, and so on under the Californian Law.


The procedures of documentation and others can be extremely overwhelming. When the family members are already in a state of distress, handling such elements can bring even more trouble. This is the time when a wrongful death lawyer can help by handling such confusing tasks and making the family members feel a bit relaxed.

Handling Claim Settlements:

A wrongful death lawyer knows the exact amount that can be claimed for pain and suffering apart from the amounts of the bills that are there for hospital bills and others. The lawyer will calculate and send a document to the insurance company of the faulty party for a claim. There can be several times when the insurance company may play tricky games so that the beneficiaries do not receive the amount or may receive a lesser amount than claimed.

A wrongful death lawyer is aware of such tactics and will use intelligence in tackling such situations so that the family of the deceased gets the whole claimed compensation amount.

Rancho Cordova Wrongful Death Lawyer

If you have recently lost someone in a wrongful death, do not be silent and raise your voice to get justice for the person. A Wrongful death lawyer in Rancho Cordova will be always there with you to help you in this process.

Also, when you choose us, our wrongful death lawyers will help you in getting the maximum compensation amount as well as will also guide you through the various procedures of the case. Talk to us to know the various steps and methods and to get our support financially as well as emotionally in such a tough time of your life.



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