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According to records and statistics, on average, about 10% of the road accidents that take place in California involved a semi truck. Though semi trucks are bound to follow federal regulations, they are seen quite often violating these laws, ultimately causing severe accidents. Some of the common violations that cause accidents on the roads of Fresno are speeding, not following traffic rules, driving a low-maintained semi truck, and driving under the influence of alcohol, or drug, or while using a phone. If you are hit by a semi truck and are seriously injured, talking to a Fresno Semi Truck Accident Lawyer can be quite helpful.

According to other statistics, it has been noticed that some of the major semi truck accidents have been witnessed in the Fresno area that has caused more than 200 serious injuries and also more than 20 deaths. When investigations were conducted by authorities as well as Fresno semi truck accident lawyers, either the driver or the trucking company was found at fault.

The threat of semi trucks causing accidents on the roads of Fresno is still there and so, it is essential that you stay alert whenever you are stepping out for a drive. But if you meet with an accident even after staying careful, you should not delay in getting in touch with a professional Fresno Semi Truck Accident Lawyer.

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Who is at fault for a Semi Truck Accident in Fresno?

Accidents do happen because of the negligence of someone. When you hire a Fresno Semi Truck Accident Lawyer, the professional will conduct an investigation to come up with the causes of the accidents as well as the person who is responsible for the accident.

Usually, these are the parties who are held responsible and contacted for claim settlement by the Fresno Semi Truck Accident Lawyer after a semi truck accident.

Semi-Truck Drivers

Only a person who is skilled and trained can drive a semi truck in Fresno after securing a commercial license. This means a driver will have to follow all the federal laws and regulations while driving a huge vehicle. No speeding above the permitted speed at different places, not driving too close to other vehicles on the road, and following the traffic rules seriously are some of the responsibilities that a semi truck driver needs to follow. But if the drivers are found not following such regulations, and an accident has happened because of this, then the semi truck driver is charged with being guilty of a Fresno Semi Truck Accident Lawyer and other authorities.

Also, semi truck accidents happen due to reasons such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving while using a phone, driving while feeling sleepy, and others. A Fresno Semi Truck Accident Lawyer will investigate the situation and will come up with a proper plan of action against such drivers too.

The Trucking Company

When an accident has taken place due to issues such as overloading of cargo, not properly maintained semi trucks, and even exhausted drivers, the responsibility of the accident is laid over the trucking company. The Fresno Semi Truck Accident Lawyer will find out enough evidence to prove the fact that the accident has taken place because the trucking company neither did follow the rules nor have taken care of its drivers.

Semi Truck Manufacturer

While any vehicle needs proper maintenance to run smoothly, there also comes some vehicles that have manufacturing defects from the beginning. If such a fault has surfaced during the investigation, the Fresno Semi Truck Accident Lawyer will place a case against the manufacturing company of the semi truck too along with the trucking company that should have taken care of the working conditions of the vehicle before putting it to work.

How to Calculate Semi Truck Accident Damages?

Victims of semi truck accidents have a right to claim compensation amount. But the compensation claimed should be legitimate and justifiable. Hence, there are some essential elements that are considered while calculating the semi truck accident damages. Contact a Fresno Semi Truck Accident Lawyer who will help you in calculating all the elements and then estimating the exact compensation amount.

Medical Expenses

When you have met with an accident and have got seriously injured, you may have to get admitted to a hospital or may have to undergo long-term treatments. The hospital stay, treatments, medicines, and others can get extremely expensive at times depending upon the type of injuries you are suffering from. You are liable to collect all these bills and claim them for compensation. If your treatment is something that will continue for many years, your Fresno Semi Truck Accident Lawyer will help you in estimating the expense and claiming it

Lost Income

Of course, when you are injured, you will not be able to attend office and may get a salary cut. There are also some such people who may have to leave work permanently for issues such as disability. A Fresno Semi Truck Accident Lawyer will help you in getting compensation for such lost income also.

Property Damage

Not just you but also your property such as your vehicle may have got damaged. It may happen that your insurance policy is not capable of covering the massive damages that have been done. In such a case, your Fresno Semi Truck Accident Lawyer will help you in claiming compensation from the party at fault.

Emotional Distress

While personal injuries and property damages are visible, emotional trauma and suffering are not. This does not mean such traumatic situations will go unnoticed. An experienced Fresno Semi Truck Accident Lawyer is an expert in estimating the right compensation for all the suffering that you and your family have gone through.

Changes in Life

Such accidents can bring several changes in life such as if you have got disabled in the accident or if the family has lost a member in the accident. While it is not easy to feel what the victim is going through, the Fresno Semi Truck Accident Lawyer can definitely help in getting compensation for the bad things that happened to the person’s life because of the accident.

Fresno Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

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