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As per the recent data from Northern California, car wreck cases are the highest reason for car accidents. The collision not only causes property damages but also causes mild to severe personal injuries. In case of massive damages and fatal injuries, it may not be comfortable for the victim to handle pain and suffering along with financial burden at the same time. Californian Law allows such victims to claim compensation but in this situation, it may get difficult for the victim to handle such procedures. So, hiring a car wreck lawyer is the next potential thing to do.

When you are here in Fair Oaks, you must have come across several such car wreck cases. If you are someone who has been a victim of such an accident and is suffering from losses as well as financial burdens, a Fair Oaks car wreck lawyer is the perfect person to help you in such a situation.

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What to do after a Car Wreck?

Whether you are someone who is a victim of an accident or someone who has caused a car wreck, it is essential that you know your responsibilities to follow. There are some important steps that you should take after the accident to make the case go smoothly. But the first thing that you should ensure is that everyone at the spot is fine and there are no serious injuries to you or anyone at the spot.

Click Photos

It is essential to collect evidence in order to get compensated for the damages and losses. Hence, one of the best ways is to click photos of the accident spot as well as the damages and the injuries that have taken place. If you are the one who has caused the accident, you should also click photos to ensure that you just have to pay compensation for the actual damages that have occurred because of the accident.

Collect eyewitnesses

Sometimes, just the photos are not enough as evidence. In such a case, collecting eyewitnesses from the spot can help a lot. Whether you are the victim or the one who was driving the car, gathering enough eyewitnesses to support you is always a great idea that can offer help in the case.

Report the Accident

Reporting the accident to the police authorities is essential so that they can conduct a proper investigation. The police authorities will gather evidence and solid matter to ensure that the truth only comes out about the accident.

Exchange insurance company details

If you are the one who has caused the accident, it is your responsibility to offer the right support and help to the victim. So, you should offer the contact details of your insurance company for a compensation claim. But if you do not do this, then the victim has all the right to file a case against you with the help of a car wreck lawyer.

Contact a Fair Oaks Car Wreck Lawyer

If the person at fault has not provided you help or support after the accident, you can always get in touch with a Fair Oaks Car Wreck Lawyer to get what you deserve. In fact, it is always better to contact a car wreck lawyer anyhow because even if the person at fault wants to help, the insurance company may make the situation harder for you.

Even the person at fault should get in touch with a Fair Oaks Car Wreck Lawyer for a number of reasons such as wrong compensation claims, trouble with the insurance company, and so on.

Why should you not talk to the insurance company directly after a car Wreck?

If the person at fault is responsible enough, the person will hand out the contact details of the insurance company and the insurance details to claim compensation for the damages. A lot of people think that this is going to be a smooth ride and they directly end up contacting the insurance company. Later they realize that this is the biggest mistake that they have made. There are several reasons why you should not contact the insurance company directly and should hire a car wreck lawyer for the purpose.

The Right Compensation Amount

The most important thing is the calculation and estimation of the compensation amount. It should be legitimate and proper so that the insurance company cannot deny it and you can have proper justice. An experienced car wreck lawyer can help you with this so that your insurance claim does not get rejected.

Evidence and Documentation

The insurance claim has to be supported by proper documentation and evidence. While you are injured, it may happen that you might not be able to document some essential bills or evidence. Hence, you should leave the task to a car wreck lawyer who takes the responsibility seriously and documents each and every piece of evidence carefully so that the settlement gets done without much of an issue.


Even when the documents are proper, the insurance company may try to prevent you from getting the settlement. The agents may try to talk to you and find loopholes in the conversation to prove that you are not eligible for the claim. So, this is an important point why you should not contact the insurance company alone. An experienced Fair Oaks Car Wreck Lawyer is aware of such tricks and knows how to handle them.


The responsibility of a car wreck lawyer is to get your claim settled. If the insurance company does that after negotiation, it is a great thing. But if the settlement is not done even after negotiation, then teh car wreck lawyer will take the company for a courtroom trial. Once again, this would have not been possible if you had contacted the insurance company directly.

Fair Oaks Car Wreck Lawyer

Contacting a Fair Oaks Wreck Lawyer after a wreck accident is the best thing to do to avoid confusion and further suffering. We have been offering support to many car wreck victims and will be happy to help you too. Just get in touch with us now and we will guide you through the right path and get your claim settled.



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