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Pedestrians may often think that they are safe because they are walking on the safer edges of the road. But it has been noticed that in Fresno, pedestrians also have to face accidents because of the negligence of different vehicle drivers on the road. It is needless to mention that when a vehicle hits a human, the person gets severe injuries and may even die. A Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer takes the responsibility of offering help to pedestrians after such an accident.

When you have got seriously hurt in such an accident, you should not delay at all in contacting a professional Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer. The pedestrian accident lawyer will understand your situation and will offer a solution according to your condition and the case.

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Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Negligence of other vehicle drivers on the road is one of the major reasons why many pedestrians have to face accidents on the roads of Fresno. Here are some specific reasons why pedestrian accidents happen in Fresno.


Often when vehicle drivers do not maintain proper speed on the roads, it can cause disastrous accidents, especially at the connectors or at the corners of the lanes. Accidents caused by speeding are something that is easy to track if the evidence is available. But still, you should connect with a proper pedestrian accident lawyer in Fresno to deal with such cases.

Ignoring Surroundings

It is usually the responsibility of any vehicle driver on the road to check their surroundings while driving. But when this does not happen, accidents happen. It is the responsibility of vehicle drivers to stay alert near schools, hospitals, and similar places to avoid such accidents. But when the drivers are not maintaining their responsibility, you should definitely get in touch with an experienced Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer to get compensated for your injuries and damages.

Ignoring Stop Signs

Ignoring traffic rules and regulations is a major cause of most accidents on the roads of Fresno. When vehicle drivers ignore red signal lights or stop signs at different intersections, this leads to massive collisions and accidents in which pedestrians become victims. most strians on the road get hurt. A Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer will get evidence from different options such as a camera at the accident spot and traffic authorities to help you get compensation for the damages done.

Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

It is noticed that maximum injuries are faced in the case of a pedestrian accident. So, in place of handling everyone alone, you should contact a Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer who will calculate different compensation amounts and will help you in getting them.

Bone Fractures

Bone fractures are quite common in all types of accidents that take place on the roads or anywhere else. Any bone can get cracked in such an accident and the treatment can be time-consuming as well as expensive for which you should go for consumption with the help of a pedestrian accident lawyer in Fresno.

Spinal Cord and Neck Injuries

The spinal cord is the most delicate bone structure in the whole human body and is prone to injuries commonly in such accidents. Not just bones but also nerve damages can also occur at the neck treating which can incur time and money.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are the most serious injuries because it can lead to brain damage. Treatment of such damages is expensive and you will require financial help. Ask your Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer to help you in calculating the medical expenses and claiming the compensation amount.


While nerve injuries will lead to pain and swelling, serious nerve damages can even lead to paralysis of a particular body part. You will require the help of a Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer to deal with such a serious situation.


Apart from physical injuries, mental trauma is something that happens to many people. While such mental injury cannot be proven with reports, a Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer is experienced in proving the case for compensation.


If the accident is too serious, you may also have to face damages such as an amputated limb. Also, if any wound has gone infected, the doctor may have to ampute the body part. A Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer will help you in getting compensation for such a drastic change in life.

Wrongful Death

What if the victim is dead and the whole family relied on him or her? It is always a great idea to get help from a pedestrian accident lawyer before the world comes crashing. The lawyer estimates a compensation amount that may offer some support to the family in the absence of their bread earner.

How does Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer help?

A professional Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer will help you in a number of ways. 

  • Evaluating the claim and letting you know whether it is worth or not
  • Investigating to get evident and check the liability of the parties
  • Dealing with the insurance companies to get compensation 
  • Ensuring proper medical treatment and claiming expenses
  • Filing a lawsuit at the end and winning the case

Damages Covered under Pedestrian Accident Compensation

When you get in touch with a Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer, the professional will help you in getting compensation for a number of elements: 

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of  wages and future earnings
  • Damages to property
  • Emotional trauma
  • Chronic pain and permanent disability

Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

When you have met with a pedestrian accident in Fresno, you should not delay in contacting a professional Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer to get solution for all your issues and get compensation for your losses. Of course, in order to get the best solution, you should not ignore hiring the best Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer.

If you are looking for the best Fresno Pedestrian Accident Lawyer, we are here to offer you the right support and help. Our experts will listen to you carefully and then will offer you the right solutions according to your needs. We also offer a free consultation and offer help in claiming the right amount of compensation to cover your damages and losses in time.



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