When Should You Hire A Lawyer After A Car Accident? [2023 Guide]

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Can I Settle My Car Accident Claim Without A Lawyer?

By  Dan McCrary | October 12, 2023

Car accidents are a cruel reality in this world. If you’re unfortunate enough to get into one, your first priority should be getting a lawyer, especially if the accident is big and financial and health loss is included. 

The issue is most of the time, car accident victims don’t hire lawyers because of the lack of info about when they should hire and what to do after an accident. Luckily, this won’t be a problem anymore. 

Here, we’ll provide you with valuable insights into the pivotal questions: when should you hire a lawyer after a car accident? What will layers do? How much does this process cost? So, let’s get into the details! 

When To Hire A Lawyer After A Car Accident? 5 Reasons

Before we get into the details, know there are two types of accidents: minor and big. Minor accidents mean crashes that have no immediate threat to life or a major financial loss. Big accidents have serious consequences, like a threat to life and car damage. 

If you happen to encounter a minor accident, there’s no need to contact a lawyer. Only seek help from legal authorities like police and medical help from 911. However, if the situation is different and the accident is serious, call your lawyer immediately after the police. 

Till the lawyer comes, the police will create a report about the accident. If the case is too serious, including death threats, the police may try to arrest for further investigation. Here are more reasons to hire a lawyer:

  1. Guidance On The Law: A normal person can’t understand the complex legalities and regulations of car accidents because of a lack of knowledge about the state law. However, a lawyer can help you out here by guiding you throughout the process. 
  2. Settlement Negotiations: Lawyers can help you in settlement and negotiation with the other party involved in the accident outside of court. This is beneficial for both parties as no one has to spend a big amount on a case. 
  3. Protection For Your Finances: Sometimes, car accidents cost a lot more than the average price of damage. It happens when the other party files a lawsuit. Here, in this situation, the lawyer will defend you in court, ensuring that you don’t have to bear the financial burden alone. 
  4. Saving You Time And Stress: Dealing with the aftermath of a serious accident can be overwhelming if you’re alone. But your lawyer can handle the legal complexities, paperwork, and negotiations, allowing you to focus on your recovery and well-being.

Insurance Claim Advocacy: Lawyers can advocate for your rights when dealing with insurance companies. They can ensure that you are not taken advantage of and that your claim is processed fairly.

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What Does A Car Accident Lawyer Do After An Accident?

After knowing the reasons to hire a lawyer, you must be thinking about what your lawyer will do exactly. No worry, we’ll discuss the process of how a lawyer works in accident cases in detail below so you can get the answers. 

Offers Legal Advice

An average person may not fully apprehend the difficulties of the law and what actions to take after an accident. That’s where lawyers come in; they offer valuable legal advice, helping you make informed decisions. 

This advice can include whether to file a claim or solve the case outside of court. Who’s guilty of accidents? How do we pursue a settlement? And what’s the best course of action to protect your rights? 

Assesses Financial Damage 

Accidents aren’t only about mental trauma; it’s also about the financial damage. And the lawyer serves as a professional who can assess the extent of your financial losses resulting from the accident. 

This isn’t just about your car; it includes things like your laptop or phone that got damaged, your medical bills, and other money you had to spend because of the accident. They make sure you’re not left paying for these things alone.

Gather Evidences

Evidence plays an important role in proving someone guilty or a victim in the court. The judge only believes in what the evidence proves; the issue is that a normal person can’t understand where to collect evidence and what evidence will be relevant. 

Fortunately, your lawyer will do this task of collecting all relevant evidence that can support your case and establish that you are not at fault. This evidence may include witness statements, accident reports, medical records, photos, and expert opinions. 

Negotiations For Settlement 

A lawyer assists both the person who caused the accident and the victim during negotiations. If you think you’re responsible for the accident and feel remorseful about it, your lawyer can negotiate with the other party. 

The negotiations help a lot in accident cases. Your lawyer can discuss a fair legal settlement that suits both parties. This is a great approach, as it saves money that you may have to spend further in the case and the stress of a court battle. 

File Lawsuits 

Lawyers set grounds for settlement but are always ready to file lawsuits if things don’t go the right way. Remember, this process isn’t simple if you do it alone without guidance, but a lawyer can ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Since lawyers have knowledge of state law, they know when it’s necessary to file a lawsuit for the right reasons. They can take the necessary steps to initiate a lawsuit on your behalf, making sure your rights are protected. 

Help Getting Insurance Money

Car accident lawyers are skilled negotiators when it comes to interacting with insurance companies who are sometimes reluctant to compensate. If you have a car accident lawyer, you don’t have to worry about this issue much. 

Your lawyer won’t only help you in dealing with the law of the other party involved in an accident but also with the compensation. Thanks to your lawyer, you’ll be able to secure a fair settlement that covers your financial losses.

Should I Get A Lawyer For A Car Accident That Wasn’t My Fault?

Whether you get the lawyers in an accident that wasn’t your fault depends on your situation. If the accident is minor and it’s not your fault, you can try to go for negotiations for compensation of your loss with the party who’s guilty. 

However, in situations when the accident is severe and has caused damage to your car or injury, and the guilty person isn’t ready for settlement, you should hire a lawyer. The lawyer will make sure that you get all compensation for the medical bills and car damage. 

How Much Does A Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

Most car accident lawyers go for a contingency basis fee. It means lawyers get paid a specific part of the money you receive as compensation. This part is usually between 20% and 40%, depending on the cases. 

Besides the lawyer’s fee, there are other costs, including paying experts, creating documents etc. Some law firms take the overall cost from your compensation later. Others may ask you to pay these costs as they come up.


We hope you've got your answer about when should you hire a lawyer after a car accident and why it's necessary. Just make sure to hire someone who's experienced and knows how to get you out of this situation.

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