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What Is The Main Cause of Car Accidents In Northern California?

By  Dan McCrary | January 26, 2024

California is one of those states where car accidents happen frequently. According to research, approximately 250,000 car accidents occur in California every year, and in 2022, about 4099 people died due to motor vehicle accidents.

These accidents happen for various reasons, sometimes due to high speeding, aggressive driving, alcohol or drug-impaired driving, and so forth. Whatever the reason is, these accidents can result in the loss of innocent lives.

Today, we’ll discuss the leading causes of car accidents in Northern California. This will help you understand the primary reasons behind the increase in fatalities. Stick with us until the end to gain a comprehensive understanding of this critical issue.

Top 7 Causes of Car Accidents In Northern California

After our in-depth research, we’ve found seven main reasons for car accidents in Northern California. These are the most common causes, but there could be other reasons depending on the driver, the car, and the road conditions.

1. Overspeeding, Primary! 

Overspeeding is the biggest cause of accidents in California. It simply means the situation when the driver drives way too fast on a road. Accident happen because when a driver overspeeds, the ability to drive safely around a curve or object becomes compromised. 

That’s the reason behind the high rate of accidents involving speeding. As per the govt report of Speeding-Related Fatality Trends, California, about 29.1% of accidents in California were related to overspending in 2016. 

2. Alcohol Or Drug Impaired-Driving 

The second main reason for accidents is alcohol or drug-impaired driving. Both of these things can reduce the ability to concentrate on the road and sometimes even cause serious drowsiness, which is why an accident happens. 

Due to the serious consequences, the Govt has made laws against driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Unfortunately, the results aren’t very reassuring. According to the California government, 52.9% of drivers involved in car crashes tested positive for drugs in 2021. 

3. Neglecting Traffic Rules 

Traffic rules aren’t only made to control or manage the traffic on the road but also for the safety of drivers. However, it’s commonly seen that drivers ignore rules whenever they think they can get away with it, leading to serious car accidents. 

Some people don’t even wear helmets or use car safety belts, which also increases the number of fatalities. In 2021, the deaths of motorbike riders increased by about 9% from the previous year because they didn’t wear helmets while riding. 

4. Poor Conditions of Road 

The next reason that causes car accidents is the poor conditions of the road. Although the local government has strict criteria for the safety standards of the road, sometimes a lack of road signs, narrow lanes, weak lane markings, and potholes cause accidents. 

If it happens to you or any of your family members, you can take legal action against the responsible party. For more information, you can get help from our MCCRARY law firm with free consultation. 

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5. Drowsy Driving 

Drowsy driving occurs when a driver hasn’t gotten enough sleep, which is especially common for those working long hours. This happens a lot with people who have driving jobs and can’t get enough sleep due to their workload.

In such situations, accidents are more likely to happen because the driver feels sleepy or fatigued while behind the wheel. This is the main reason why the government has made laws about how many hours a driver can drive daily. 

6. Teenage Drivers

Another common reason for car accidents in Northern California is teenage drivers. According to a report, deaths resulting from teenage car driving (age 15 – 20) increased by about 14.8% in 2021, reaching 474 fatalities in California.

The concerning aspect is that it remains a significant contributor to car accidents. Teenagers often lack proper driving training, which is a crucial factor in ensuring safe driving practices. Insufficient training contributes to the higher incidents of accidents.

7. Car Fault 

Car faults aren’t common because vehicle manufacturers have high standards for safety, but mistakes can happen. If it’s the case with you, like while driving your new car, some parts fail to work, and an accident happens, you can get legal help from lawyers for a product liability claim. 

The lawyer will send a legal notice to the car manufacturer stating the defect or design flow of the car and the damage it has caused. If you prove in court that the injuries resulted from the car’s fault, the manufacturer will have to pay compensation for your loss. 

Final Words

In short, the answer to what is the main cause of car accidents in Northern California is that there are various reasons. The main causes include overspeeding, alcohol or drug-impaired driving, neglecting traffic rules, road conditions, teenage driving, car faults, and drowsy driving.

In most conditions, the driver will be held accountable, like driving under the influence of drugs or neglecting traffic rules. But the driver can take the case to court if the accident happens because of the government's fault (poor road conditions) or the manufacturer's (car fault).

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