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A Comprehensive List of Reasons To Sue Someone

By  Dan McCrary | May 19, 2024

Legal disputes can be complicated, especially if you’re unsure which lawsuits are valid for your case. In this scenario, you may need to research the list of reasons to sue someone to find the answer. But worry not! 

We’ve put together this guide to explain the most common reasons for which you can sue someone. These reasons apply to various situations, including property disputes, defamation charges, injury, permanent disability, emotional distress, etc.

So, are you looking for justice? Let’s dive in and find out which path leads you toward achieving the justice you’re seeking.

The Top 10 Reasons To Sue Someone 

Below are the top ten reasons to sue someone. Remember, this is only a general overview; it’s best to consult your case with a lawyer for better guidance about which lawsuits are valid for your case. 

1. Property Disputes

One of the most common reasons for a legal dispute is property issues. There are countless reasons that can set the ground for a property dispute, such as disagreements with siblings about property rights. 

Besides that, disputes with neighbors over matters like boundaries or anything that can potentially harm your property or family are also valid reasons. Also, a person who’s a victim of real estate fraud has the right to sue. 

2. Lawsuits For Defamation 

Defamation involves false statements, whether in written form or orally, with the intention to harm someone’s reputation in society. In any case, if someone has done this to you, a defamation lawsuit is your right. 

Keep in mind that you must have strong evidence to prove your claim. Without evidence, you’ll not be able to recover compensatory damage. It’s also important to check the statute of limitations. In California (CA Civ Pro Code § 340), it’s one year after the slander took place. 

3. Breach of Contract 

Breach of the contract simply means when one or more parties that are involved in the contract fail to follow the contract. In this type of situation, the non-breaching party can sue the party that didn’t adhere to the contract rules.  

The court then decides whether the lawsuit is valid. Upon confirming the validity, the court orders the breaching party to pay the damages to the non-breaching party. This ensures that the non-breaching party is compensated for its loss.

4. Personal Injury 

If you’ve suffered an injury due to someone’s negligence, whether because of a car accident, at a party, or anywhere, you’re entitled to compensation. The compensation is possible through a personal injury lawsuit. 

Remember that there’s a time limit for personal injury cases, which varies from one year to several years, depending on the state. The statute of limitations in California, Texas, and Florida is two years from the accident date. In Louisiana, it’s one year; in Arkansas, it’s three years.

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5. Emotional Suffering  

Emotional suffering may not be visible like physical suffering, but it has a long-lasting effect on a person’s personal life. Individuals often recover through physical pain but not with emotional distress, like a driver who has experienced a traumatic accident and can’t drive again. 

If the accident happened due to someone else’s negligence, the driver can sue for pain and suffering. Once the emotional distress is proven through medical evidence, the responsible party must compensate for the damages incurred.

6. Worker Injury

As an employee, it’s your right to have a workplace free from any hazards. Unfortunately, sometimes employers fail to meet this obligation, resulting in injuries to workers. In such situations, remember that the law is on your side.

You can sue your employer to compensate for the damages. The employer is responsible for providing medical treatment, temporary disability benefits, lifetime pension in case of permanent disability, and death benefits to the family if the employee loses their life.

7. Property Damage 

If your property is damaged due to the wrongdoing of others, you can take legal action against the responsible person and ask for compensation. The compensation amount will depend on various circumstances. 

For example, insurers consider factors such as the extent of your responsibility for the damage, the severity of the damage, the cost of damage, and state laws. They also assess whether the property is repairable; if it is, you may receive funds to cover the repair costs.

8. Permanent Disability 

Permanent disability occurs when a person is unable to work full-time after an unfortunate accident. This condition can significantly impact one’s ability to work and earn enough to maintain a quality lifestyle. 

If this has happened, you can file lawsuits for compensation for permanent disability. The responsible party will be liable to pay for the medical bills, surgeries, hospital stays, and loss of income (according to the wages at the time of injury). 

9. Car Accident 

Car accident lawsuits are quite common in almost every state.  These lawsuits are filed when someone can’t reach an agreement with the insurer of the at-fault party. In this situation,  the plaintiff takes the case to the court. 

Then, the court decides which party was responsible for the accident and whether the compensation the plaintiff is seeking is valid. If it is, the responsible party will be required to provide it.

10. Defective Product 

Any product available on the market should be safe for customers. If there’s any product that has harmed you or the family member as a victim, you’re entitled to compensation and can file a lawsuit.  

However, you must have proof to prove your suffering was because of the product. For example, you need a medical report that shows you suffered from a health condition or an injury. Once the claim is proven, the manufacturer will be liable to provide compensation. 

What Are The 5 Steps To Initiate A Lawsuit?

Now let’s come to another point which is what are the main steps to initiate a lawsuit. But before you begin with this process, ensure you’ve consulted your case with a lawyer. This is to make sure you’re on the right path from the beginning. 

    • Hire a lawyer: The first step in initiating a lawsuit after consultation is to hire a lawyer. It’s best to hire a lawyer experienced in the area of your case. For example, if your case is related to personal injury, ensure you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer.
    • Gather evidence: The next step is to discuss the evidence with the lawyer. Your lawyer will guide you on the evidence needed to prove your claim and how you can gather it.
    • Meet the requirements: Every state has laws regarding filing lawsuits. For example, you can’t file for personal injury lawsuits after a specific timeframe. Make sure you meet these requirements before taking legal action.
    • File a complaint: Now, the fourth and most important step is filing a complaint. If you’ve hired a lawyer, this task will be their responsibility. The legal process begins once the complaint is filed, which includes discovery and trial.
    • Proceed with case: After filing the case, the trial process begins, which takes time. During this process, your lawyer will represent you in court and present the evidence to secure compensation for the damages.

Final Thoughts

We’ve provided a list of reasons to sue someone, and all of these reasons are valid for lawsuits. However, you must consider the potential outcomes before taking any legal action. It’s also important to assess whether you have strong grounds for your case.

Once you’re sure you have reasons to proceed with the lawsuit, follow the guidelines your lawyer has provided. If you need assistance, feel free to consult with our lawyers at McCrary Law Firm. The initial consultation is completely free of charge.

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