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Is It Worth Getting A Lawyer For A Motorcycle Accident In Northern California?

By  DM HYF | February 5, 2024

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries more than car accidents because the driver on a motorcycle is more vulnerable. The good thing is it’s possible to seek legal help and compensation for your loss. 

Some individuals prefer to resolve the matter without hiring a lawyer, which is the biggest mistake if you don’t have a legal background. Without legal help, the insurer might not accept your claim or may try to offer lower compensation. 

This is why hiring a lawyer for accident cases is a must. Below, we’ll explain why getting a lawyer for a motorcycle accident in Northern California is worth it, with valid reasons. So, let’s get into the details!

Should I Get A Lawyer For A Motorcycle Accident In California?

Yes, you should get a lawyer for a motorcycle accident in California. Although it’s not mandatory by law to hire a lawyer, a lawyer can greatly help get fair compensation for the loss caused by the accident. Lawyers are experienced in negotiating with insurers and proving claims. 

The lawyer will evaluate all your losses and decide what the settlement should be. They also help find who the legally responsible person is and will take action by contacting the other driver’s insurer. 

The responsible driver’s insurer will pay the compensation from the Liability Coverage claim, which is required for all drivers in California. If the insurer doesn’t agree to pay or offer a fair settlement, you can take the case to court with the assistance of your lawyer.  

The best part about hiring a lawyer is most lawyers in California work on the contingent base fee. It means they’ll make an agreement with you to pay a specific percentage of the compensation you’ll get. If they don’t win the case, it means no fee for the legal process.

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6 Reasons To Get A Lawyer After A Motorcycle Accident

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should get a lawyer after a motorcycle accident. These reasons will help you make a decision whether you need a lawyer or you can claim the insurance without any help. 

1. Assist Collecting Evidence 

Lawyers don’t investigate the case themselves. However, due to their experience, they can assist you with where you can find the best evidence and what type of evidence will work in the court or in front of the insurer to prove your claim. 

2. Determine Who’s At Fault 

After examining the evidence you’ve gathered, your lawyer will tell you who was at fault in the accident. This helps a lot because California is an at-fault state, which means only the driver whose negligence caused the accident will pay for the loss of other drivers. 

3. Negotiate With The Insurer 

Negotiating with the insurer is a crucial aspect of a lawyer’s responsibilities. After filing a claim, the other driver’s insurer will likely attempt to persuade you to accept a lower settlement if you have a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. 

4. Calculate The Compensation 

Your lawyer will help you calculate the compensation you should ask for the loss. It’s an important task, as victims of accidents often request lower settlements because of not having sufficient knowledge. 

5. Re-appeal For The Claim 

If your claim is denied by the insurer of the responsible driver for any reason. Your lawyer will assist you in re-appealing the claim. They’ll set your case with strong proof that no insurance company can deny. 

6. Filing Lawsuit

If the insurer denies your appeal again and does not agree to pay the compensation you deserve for your financial loss, the lawyer will guide you through the lawsuit. They’ll suggest which lawsuit you should file and will represent you in the court.  

Final Words

Is it worth getting a lawyer for a motorcycle accident in Northern California? Yes, hiring a lawyer is worth it. Lawyers are experienced in dealing with accident cases on a daily basis; they know about the laws of the state and will help you get the right settlement.

With lawyers, you don't have to worry about any mishap as they'll be with you throughout the journey to guide you. You can consider contacting MCCRARY Law Firm today for dedicated and experienced legal assistance for your motorcycle accident case.

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